Forex questions and answers

What is Forex? Forex, short for foreign exchange, refers to trading one currency for another. It is also known as FX.   Where is Forex Traded? Forex is primarily traded through three venues: the spot markets, the forward markets, and the futures markets. The spot market is the largest of all the three markets because … Read more

Basic Forex Trading

Strategies Forex Trading   Long and short trades are the basic forms of forex trading. In a long position, the trader is betting that the price of the currency will rise in the future and he can profit from it. A short position consists of a bet that the price of a currency pair will … Read more

Start Trading Forex

How to Start Trading Forex Forex trading is similar to stock trading. Here are some steps to start your forex trading journey. Learn About Forex: Although it is not complicated, forex trading is its own project and requires specialized knowledge. For example, the leverage ratio for forex trades is higher than for stocks, and the … Read more

Speculation for Forex

Forex for Speculation Factors such as interest rates, trade flows, tourism, economic strength, and geopolitical risks affect the supply and demand for currencies, resulting in daily fluctuations in the forex markets. There is an opportunity to profit from changes that may increase or decrease the value of one currency compared to another. Expecting one currency … Read more

Forex Trading: Guide A Beginner’s

Forex Trading Forex is a source for foreign exchange and exchange. Foreign exchange is the process of changing one currency into another for a variety of reasons, usually for trade, commerce or tourism. According to the 2019 triennial report from the Bank for International Settlements (a global bank of national central banks), daily forex trading … Read more